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Better. Faster. Stronger. Our shin guards add weight resistance to your training.


Speed Demon® Weighted Shin Guards


Train Smarter

Use weighted shin guards in practice, individual training, and pregame warmups.

Build Speed

Incorporating added resistance into your training regimen will effectively bolster your muscle strength, ultimately elevating your speed performance.

Build Endurance

Keep up with your teammates in practice while using weight resistance.


Unleash your performance gains on game-day by switching to Speed Demon's ultra-lightweight carbon fiber shin guards.


Train Smarter with Weighted Shin Guards

Train with weighted shin guards to develop faster step-overs, faster dribbling moves, and a quicker first step. 

Freeze defenders to create more space on the pitch. 

Level up your game by using added weight resistance in training to outwork your opponents.

Professional athletes have used ankle weights to improve explosive speed for decades.


“But I think it worked well, because what I am today started from that moment. I did weights on my feet when jumping and dribbling, then I’d take them off and feel faster.”

Ankle weights are bulky and uncomfortable, and concentrating the weight at the ankle alters your gait, which could lead to injuries.

Weighted shin guards are specifically designed so you can maintain a natural stride by dispersing the weight evenly across your shins. 

This makes weighted shin guards more safe and effective.

Size, Height & Weight Guide

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30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

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Customer Reviews

Based on 292 reviews
Weighted Shin Guards

Quality product, my son loves them. Recommended for training drills.


I absolutely love it. It’s fascinating to my fitness and ball control on the field. I highly recommend it for everybody in the world of sports who loves playing Football. I buy it because I want to emulate
Leo Messi and Aitana Bonmatí.

kisty caples
Pretty good so far!

Great product thus far! I purchased these for a 11 year old boy, 4’7, 80lbs. They fit his legs well and he says he can tell the difference having them on and off. I’m not sure if we’ll be able to observe any notable difference in his performance before the beginning of fall season but he can tell the difference in the level of his workout just having them on.


These may not feel like they would make much of a difference but they do. My 12 yo wears these for workouts and practices. Her shin measures 12”, she’s 5’1”. They’ve been good to help her get faster. We also bought the ankle guards and carbon fiber ones are really nice for games.

Andrew Gorospe
Did not receive my second purchase of the weighted shin guards.

This is my second purchase of my weighted shin guards. My first purchase got returned; I don’t know if I got refunded.