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strong but so light

My daughter loves these shinguards! They're strong but so much lighter than her previous ones.

Best shin guards I have ever bought.

The lightest and toughest shinguards I have owned. The barely there feel is awesome when I'm running on the field.

Super Nice Quality

What separates these from other cheaper carbon shin guards? They are very nicely finished and look far superior. The matte finish with the gloss logo is awesome. The padding is finished with a nice material rather than some cheaper slightly less comfortable padding. They were also lighter than advertised. Plus my son scored more goals with them and can run faster.

Small Size Fits my Youth BBaller.

I saw the ad on Instagram for these weighted shinguards and I posted a question and asked if they had any youth sizes. A representative on the social media account replied back and said to try the small size. So we did order the small size and they fit well and our little 4‘3“ Baller. He’s been using them in his dribble drills, he does stair drills where he jumps up the stairs, stair to stair, and then double stair, and then triple stair. So far they’ve been working great! 👍🏽

So light and comfortable, you forget you have shin guards on. Great product

Weighted Shin Guards
Bryan J Stewart

Weighted Shin Guards

Carbon Fiber Shin Guards
Derek Hendricks
Best Shin Guards Ever

Bought both the Carbon Fiber Shin Guards and Weighted ones for my 14 year old son. The Carbon Fiber ones arrived right before a tournament so he got to wear them for multiple games in a short period of time and absolutely loved them! He was really impressed with how light they are yet still protected them when he got hit. He is also enjoying using the weighted ones in training and conditioning as he feels it adds something on top of his standard training to help give him an edge moving forward. I will also say his teammates are also big fans as they all have been asking about both and where to find them. I couldn’t recommend either product any higher as my son says he won’t ever want to go back to the Adidas ones he has been using for years!!

Weighted Shin Guards
Partha Chowdhury
Speed Demon

It has helped me with my speed and agility so far. I hope to keep going and improving!

Carbon Fiber Shin Guards
Debra A Murphey

My grandson loves them!

The product works great. Just sucks that the logo peeled off of one on the sleeves, the very 1st day.

Way to wide to fit the shin bone

I love the product but I bought them for my 5'5" daughter U13 soccer player and they just slide all over because they don't hug her legs. I bought the size recommended for her size and weight. Just wait for her to grow up I guess.

Weighted Shin Guards
Richard Ean Patton

I haven’t tested them yet

Weighted Shin Guards
Andrew Leslie
Good stuff.

Just what I was expecting. Work great.

Weighted Shin Guards
Kevin Stanford

Got these for my son. He’s 10yrs old and loves them. He uses them around the house and wears them to his karate classes.

Weighted Shin Guards
Jonathon Harley
Quality product

Excellent now send me another pair at medium size thanks

My son says these are the best fitting shin guards he’s ever worn. We ordered a second pair to have on hand just in case.

My son loved them so much we ordered a second pair to have on hand. Well made and comfortable shin guards fit perfectly.

Carbon Fiber Shin Guards

Grandson loves them , strong and very lite

Weighted ok- carbon fiber meh

I’d purchase the weighted again, however they cold be heavier. My son’s existing shin guards were pretty comparable in weight to the carbon fiber. I’d pass on those next time

2011G GK loves them.

After using these, we won't buy anything else.


Not sure, but I think they may have gotten the L and R markings backwards? Not 100% sure…Other than that, these are really top notch. I’ve used them in a few games and they’re incredibly light compared to my old Nike guards. The carbon work is also really clean, and enough plies that they feel really sturdy… I feel like I’d want to use them for a while to give a thorough review, but they’re willing to back it with a solid warranty, so gives me a lot of confidence. They’re obviously expensive compared to regular plastic shin guards, but they’re dirt cheap for a quality carbon product. I’d recommend this to my other soccer buddies for sure

He loves them!

Bought the shin guards for our 12 year old grandson. He loves them!! Now he wants the weighted shin guards also!

Carbon Fiber Shin Guards

Shin guards are well made however the sleeves for the shin guards don’t fit the shin guards properly x this goes for both the weighted carbon fiber shin guards.

Shin guards are well made however the sleeves for the shin guards don’t fit the shin guards properly x this goes for both the weighted carbon fiber shin guards.