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Flimsy and cheap.

Weighted Shin Guards
kisty caples
Pretty good so far!

Great product thus far! I purchased these for a 11 year old boy, 4’7, 80lbs. They fit his legs well and he says he can tell the difference having them on and off. I’m not sure if we’ll be able to observe any notable difference in his performance before the beginning of fall season but he can tell the difference in the level of his workout just having them on.

Ankle Guards

I sent back were to small waiting for correct size

Great product

My son loves them. He says they are the best shin guards he has ever owned.

Multiple errors

The logo was upside down on the sleeves and the L for left is backwards inside the shin guard.

These may not feel like they would make much of a difference but they do. My 12 yo wears these for workouts and practices. Her shin measures 12”, she’s 5’1”. They’ve been good to help her get faster. We also bought the ankle guards and carbon fiber ones are really nice for games.

Carbon Fiber Shin Guards

Carbon Fiber Shin Guards

Best out there

My 10 and 15 year old girls won’t play with anything else

Weighted Shin Guards
Andrew Gorospe
Did not receive my second purchase of the weighted shin guards.

This is my second purchase of my weighted shin guards. My first purchase got returned; I don’t know if I got refunded.

Weighted Shin Guards
Roullen Bagay
Where’s my order?

I can’t review if I haven’t received my order

Shin Guard Sleeves
Jacob Ostop
Shin guard sleeves to loose

The sleeves seem to slide down during game and the shin guard move since the sleeve is not tight enough. Seems as if the sleeves are to stretchy

Carbon Fiber Shin Guards
David Richardson

Fit, comfort and effectiveness

Great product

My sons love their new carbon fiber shinguards!

Ankle Guards
Steve Haycraft
Love Them!

My daughter loves soccer and struggles with eczema on her shins. Traditional shin guards bothers her legs. She has worn these twice and absolutely loves them. Says she feels like she’s not wearing any shin guards. We couldn’t be happier.

Great product

My son really likes the ankle guard. It gives some peace of mind while on the pitch. It does run a little small in size. Also great customer service.

Carbon Fiber Shin Guards
Patricia Cortes
Grandson loved them

Very impressed with this product. The shin guards were lightweight as advertised. There was padding on the back to make them comfortable. It was received in a stylish box with shin guard holders and a small carry case.

These are great for my son.

At first I was hesitant about getting these weighted chin guards. But he uses them practice in the back Yard and says that he can definitely feel the difference in speed after using them for 2 weeks now. He says they are comfortable and they are easy to clean. He’s excited to see how this season will go after training with these on.

Ankle Guards
Matthew Pickett
Too Small

They are too big a round for my 10 yr old but to short for him as well.

Shin Guard Sleeves
Iurii Shaniuk
Great Shin Guards

Great shin guards! They really work to increase speed and are comfortable as well.

So far so good!

Daughter likes them, after just a few practices.

Kid loves them!!!

My daughter loves how light these are. She’s ready for soccer season.

Solid product

Just got them, so far so good. Only been used twice will know more after a few months.

Good product

Great shin guards for everyone. My son really enjoys them.

I never received the product.

Ankle Guards
Justin Miller

My son loves them and also really likes the ankle protectors. We went thru numerous shin guards and finally found the ones! Thank you