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Elevate Your Game with Carbon Fiber Shin Guards


Speed Demon® V3 Carbon Fiber Shin Guards


Gain a Competitive Advantage on the pitch

What if gaining a competitive advantage was as simple as wearing a new pair of shin guards? V3 carbon fiber shin guards from Speed Demon weigh 1-3 ounces less than traditional plastic shin guards. What difference can an ounce make?

"...removing one ounce from a shoe, based on a six-foot gait for a runner, would translate in a reduction of 55 pounds of lift over a one-mile span."

BILL BOWERMAN - Former US Olympic Track and Field Coach & Co-founder of Nike

Carbon Fiber that's Stronger than Steel

Speed Demon V3 shin guards are handcrafted in small batches with aerospace-grade carbon fiber. Armed with the confidence that they are 22 times stronger than traditional plastic shin guards, you will improve your odds of winning your 50-50 tackles, and give yourself the competitive edge that you have been looking for.

Uncompromising Quality & Performance

Scientific studies have determined that carbon fiber shin guards provide superior protection when compared with plastic shin guards, which provide inadequate protection that could lead to serious injuries such as bruising, contusions, and fractures. 

With Speed Demon, you will never compromise your safety. Rather, you will strike the ultimate balance between strength and performance. 

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Carbon Fiber Shin Guards

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Speed Demon® V3 Carbon Fiber Shin Guards are handcrafted with 100% genuine 3K carbon fiber. Stronger than steel. Light as a feather. Get the ultimate shin guards for next-level quality, protection, and performance. V3 also features added premium quality lining for next-level comfort. Backed by the confidence of our lifetime warranty. Includes a pair of shin guard sleeves and a carry bag. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 92 reviews
strong but so light

My daughter loves these shinguards! They're strong but so much lighter than her previous ones.

Ricardo Dovale
Best shin guards I have ever bought.

The lightest and toughest shinguards I have owned. The barely there feel is awesome when I'm running on the field.

Michael Bowman
Super Nice Quality

What separates these from other cheaper carbon shin guards? They are very nicely finished and look far superior. The matte finish with the gloss logo is awesome. The padding is finished with a nice material rather than some cheaper slightly less comfortable padding. They were also lighter than advertised. Plus my son scored more goals with them and can run faster.


So light and comfortable, you forget you have shin guards on. Great product

Derek Hendricks
Best Shin Guards Ever

Bought both the Carbon Fiber Shin Guards and Weighted ones for my 14 year old son. The Carbon Fiber ones arrived right before a tournament so he got to wear them for multiple games in a short period of time and absolutely loved them! He was really impressed with how light they are yet still protected them when he got hit. He is also enjoying using the weighted ones in training and conditioning as he feels it adds something on top of his standard training to help give him an edge moving forward. I will also say his teammates are also big fans as they all have been asking about both and where to find them. I couldn’t recommend either product any higher as my son says he won’t ever want to go back to the Adidas ones he has been using for years!!